Ultimate Provence Rose 2019 750ML

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Ultimate Provence Rose 2019 750ML

● Bordered by a stunning nature reserve, on the edge of an
expansive oak forest
● Shallow topsoil, layered over an impermeable sandstone slab
● A soil nourished by rich humus of oak leaves and vine shoots

The beauty of this wine extends from the bottle to the contents. Layers of raspberry, strawberry jam in the nose invite you to a gorgeous, yet spicy palate. A fresh wine with great acidity for food pairing, but roundness to enjoy on its own. If you only have one bottle to bring – this is the ultimate wine for any occasion.

The spice notes from the Syrah provides a dry, white pepper characteristic across the entire palate. A touch of Rolle gives great acidity and brightness that lends notes of winter citrus, spice with a warming finish.

Awards - 2018 Vintage
Gold Concours des Vins des Courtiers Assermentés de France
Gold Concours Général Agricole Paris
Gold Concours foire de Brignoles
5 stars (93/100) Wine Orbit

ABV: 13%

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