Unnamed Orkney Signatory 13YO 2009 700ml


Unnamed Orkney Signatory 13YO 2009 700ml

Fans of whisky from Orkney will know that there aren't many distilleries on the island, and ought to have fun guessing which of them this single malt comes from! Independently bottled by Signatory, this whisky was produced at an undisclosed Orkney distillery in  2009, and rested for 13 years in a pair of hogshead casks. Bottled in  2022, it joins Signatory's ongoing Un-Chillfiltered Collection.

Nose: Spicy and slightly floral with vanilla and a wisp of smoke.
Palate: Malt, oak and even more sweet vanilla and subtle smoke.

Finish: Medium to a long finish with light fruits and a touch of spice lingering.

Alc: 46%