Waterford Single Form Origin Bannow 1.2 Edition 700ml


Waterford Single Form Origin Bannow 1.2 Edition 700ml

This is the second release of single malt Irish whisky from the Waterford Distillery using barley grown grown on the south coast of Co. Wexford by Ed Harpur on his Bannow Island farm. For this particular edition, the whisky was drawn from first-fill American oak casks, virgin oak casks, French oak casks and even some casks used to age vin doux naturel! These expressions were created to explore terroir and its impact on whisky, each one made with barley grown at a single farm. Incredibly fascinating stuff.

Nose: Bright barley notes - not nutty, more floral and malty. Hints of sultana and crisp pear shine through.
Palate: Honeyed malt and juicy orchard fruits meet on the palate, with a hint of earthy spice.

Finish: A subtle hint of salinity on the finish, with lingering pepper and caraway.

Alc: 50%

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