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Whitley Neill Original Small Batch Gin 700ML


Whitley Neill Original Small Batch Gin 700ML

A lovely London Dry Gin based around a core of African botanicals, particularly an extract from the Baobab Tree, which is also called the tree of life. Cape Gooseberries are also extensively used, alongside Florentine iris, sweet lemons, oranges, angelica root, coriander and cassia bark. Of course, the gin has a marvellous juniper flavour as well.

The gin was created by Johnny Neill, a descendant of the famous gin maker Thomas Greenall, after he was inspired by the beauty and flavours of Africa. The gin is bottled at 42%, after distillation in a century-old potstill. It is bottled in a handsome distinctive matt black bottle, which features the Baobab tree as its logo.

Top stuff, ideal for a gin and tonic on any day!

Alc: 42%

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