Yeni Raki

Yeni Raki Ala 700ml - Turkey


Yeni Raki Ala 700ml - Turkey

Unrush your world with Yeni Raki ALA. This raisin Raki is crafted from high quality, sun-dried grapes and is distilled 3 times before being matured in special oak barrels. Yeni Raki ALA is balanced in flavour and has a long-lasting anise taste to offer a unique Raki drinking experience.

Raki is Turkey's iconic national drink and represents a 500-year old raki culture & tradition. Poured clear from the bottle, Raki turns cloudy white in colour when mixed with water which is how it gets its nickname, Lion's Milk. The production process of Raki involves distilling together fresh & dried grapes with high quality aniseed. Raki is one of the only alcoholic beverages associated with a strong food culture and is perfectly paired with a Mediterranean meze feast. 

Alc: 47% 

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