Nikka Yoichi Non Peated Limited Edition 2021 700ml 47%


Yoichi Discovery Single Malt Non Peated Limited Edition 2021 700ml 47%

Every year, Nikka offers a limited edition of the iconic whiskies from its two distilleries Miyagikyo and Yoichi. For 2021, Masashi Watanuki, Yoichi's Master Blender, presents an atypical variation of the distillery's single malt.

Known for its peaty and smoky character, the single malt distilled at the famous Hokkaidō distillery has for the occasion been blended entirely from unpeated malt including the oldest existing cask containing unpeated malt distilled at Yoichi in 1989. Usually very present on the nose, the peat is totally absent in this edition, giving way to a whole new facet of the House's flagship single malt.

From the very first whiff, this whisky expresses fruity notes of banana and green apple, but also spicy and herbaceous notes. On the palate, the liveliness of the citrus aromas opens the way to the roasted coffee aromas and the greediness of the vanilla notes. In the finish, the retro olfaction expresses notes of dried fruits accompanied by creamy and vegetal notes, with some spicy touches of cinnamon and clove.

Nikka Whisky will celebrate its 90th anniversary in 2024, for the occasion the new series called Discovery will highlight the spirit of challenge and play that await Nikka in the future. While valuing the techniques that have been passed down over the years, the Yoichi and Miyagikyo teams are working hard to continue to innovate and surprise by creating whiskies full of promise.

ABV: 47%

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