Brandy Guide: What is Brandy & How to Drink it?

Brandy Guide: What is Brandy & How to Drink it?

Sep 22, 2022weston wang

Brandy is that fruity and delightful liquor that can be cherished on its own or in a drink. So, today let's see what exactly brandy is and the different ways of having it.


What Is Brandy?

The name brandy is derived from the word 'Brandewijn,' which is a Dutch word that means "burned wine." A kind of liquor called brandy is created from fermented fruit juice, usually fermented grape juice. Cherries, apples, and apricots can all be used to make brandy. Brandy produced from grapes can go unmarked, while brandy derived from other ingredients, such as apple brandy, needs to be marked.


Worldwide, brandy production is possible, and there are common brandy types, including cognac, Armagnac, pisco, and grappa.


The taste of brandy is fruity and delicately sweet. Since it is often matured in wooden casks, it may also contain oak notes in the flavor. Brandy less than two years old is regarded as unaged, whereas brandies over two years old are considered mature. As brandy ages, its flavor becomes more subtle and delicate. Although the alcohol level might vary depending on the type of brandy, this distilled spirit is generally 40 to 50 percent alcohol by volume (ABV), with 80 to 100 proof. Brandy is frequently sipped as an after-dinner beverage at room temperature or with ice.


Most people often enjoy Brandy straight. However, knowing how to drink various types of brandy in the right way can help you get the most out of this pleasant and delicious liquor. So from straight Brandy to brandy-based cocktails, let's see some fantastic ways to drink Brandy.


Drink Brandy Neat

Using a brandy snifter, a unique cocktail glass is the most convenient method of enjoying brandy. The bowl and rim of the snifter are designed to deliver brandy to the proper area of your tongue, and you can also have a great smell.


Drink Brandy At Room Temperature

Brandy tastes best when consumed at room temperature to maximize its flavor and aroma. So to get the most out of it, you are suggested to place the brandy bottle on the table for about an hour, so it is to room temperature.


Carefully Sniff the Brandy

You are suggested to refrain from sniffing into the snifter. As an alternative, raise the snifter to about chest height and take a slow, soft whiff from over the glass rim. So with this, you can inhale the brandy's smells without burning your nose. To acquire a different set of brandy flavorings, bring it closer and sniff it when it's about, even with your chin. While you sip the brandy from the snifter, you will also notice the closer contact fragrances. However, avoiding taking deep breaths while consuming Brandy will be beneficial.


Enjoy Small Sips

Take very small sips of your drink. And before drinking it, enjoy the taste of brandy by rolling around on your tongue.


Candle-Warmed Brandy

There are some people who gently warm brandy by just placing the snifter's bowl on a candle for a short time. Even a serving set is also available with a candle and a snifter, so you can also use them. Warming it over a candle is not essential to overheat the brandy and release some of the more overpowering alcohol scents. Instead of warming the brandy with a candle, it is preferable to simply hold the snifter bowl with the help of your hands. However, you should avoid warming brandy in a microwave or on the stove.


Warm Brandy By Using Your Hands

Place the snifter's bowl in your palm to gently warm the brandy. So with the help of your hands, you can also warm the brandy.


Brandy is a delightful and fulfilling drink, whether you sip it neat, in a wonderful cocktail, or with a touch of soda. Nevertheless, experiment with brandy to determine which flavors and methods you enjoy.


So, peeps, these were the amazing and different ways to enjoy your brandy, and now that you know more about this spirit, you are now prepared to find the way you want the most!

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