Top Ten Single Cask Whiskies

Aug 22, 2022weston wang

These ten outstanding single cask whiskey collections include robust Islay drams and underappreciated grain whiskies.


Nothing compares to the satisfaction of a single cask of whiskey—Spirit was taken from a particular barrel, one that takes pride in its individuality. Every barrel is unique. There's a chance that the beauty you have in that bottle will be amazing. How enchanted is that? Whisky nerds are wildly enthusiastic about single cask whiskies and other similar expressions.

Therefore, we decided to highlight a few single cask samples that we particularly enjoy. This compilation includes international whiskies, underappreciated distilleries, ancient grain, and a surprise choice. Enjoy!


Ten Single Cask Whiskey

1792 Kentucky Straight

This outstanding single barrel bottling of 1792 Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey will appeal to bourbon connoisseurs. The gorgeous and delicious 1792 line includes lots of drams, but this one stands out since it was bottled just for us. It cannot be found anyplace else.



Macduff is one of those distilleries that is sometimes underestimated and unappreciated and is rarely allowed to sign unless labels like Poise and Perseverance give it a platform. That's a good thing because this bottling, which was distilled in 2007 and then aged for 11 years, has a balanced and refined flavour profile that includes clotted cream, sponge cake, scented apple, and ginger.


Single Grain Whiskey

This bottle is a superb illustration of why well-aged single grain whiskey may be the most underappreciated type of whisky available. This magnificent single grain, distilled in December 1992 at the North British Distillery, rested in a single barrel for the following 29 years before being uncorked in March 2022 by the team at independent bottler GreatDrams for its Rare Cask Series.


Goldlys Distillers

Who's up for some Belgian double still whiskey aged in Oloroso casks? This bottle from Goldlys Distillers Range was manufactured utilizing column and pot stills and aged for 12 years, including a finishing phase in a barrel that previously contained the rich, nutty, and fruity joys of Oloroso sherry. It is sure to be unlike other whiskies you've tried.



Do you even need us to explain the benefits of a bottle of 16-year-old Bruichladdich? Given that we bottled it, we are huge fans but don't take our word for it. Every review is five stars, complimenting how well the great Bruichladdich spirit is presented and how seamlessly the refill-sherry influence is included.



The band Indie Mortlach is lovely. The sort of spirit that shines in a single barrel bottling is precisely the kind that is bold, lovely, and unique. Naturally, Mackillop's Choice seized the opportunity and, in September 2017, bottled it for its range at cask strength (50.2 per cent ABV). There were only 194 bottles produced, so move quickly!


Triple Distilled Sprit

Only one cask single malt whisky from England! This triple-distilled spirit from peated malt is something of a delight from The English Whiskey Company; it is a mild, creamy whisky with earthy, smokey undertones. Good stuff. And if you're interested in learning more, go here to see inside this innovative distillery.


Peerless Distillery

We constantly suggest Peerless Distillery's superb rye whiskey because we love the people there. A single barrel sample truly excites us, especially since head distiller Caleb Kilburn individually selects each cask for its flavour. This example was bottled at a substantial 57 per cent ABV to preserve all of the rich rye taste. Enjoy first without any water, then add a drop to reveal a world of beautiful, mellow depth.


Loch Lomond Distillery

Another distillery that doesn't receive the respect it merits is the Loch Lomond Distillery, especially given that it produces some of the world's most intriguing and unique whiskies. This single smokey malt, marketed under the obscure name of Inchfad, is an excellent illustration.



Now, finally is curveball! This is not even whiskey; it's a set rather than a bottle. No, we thought it would be an excellent opportunity to remind everyone that rum can also be enjoyed straight from the barrel. This collection includes four 200ml bottles of rum from Grays in Mauritius, each somewhat distinct from the other and part of the 1423 Experimental Cask Series.



So, these are the name of the ten single cask whiskies available. Hope you enjoy reading it.

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